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Commissions: CLOSED

⟡ About Me ⟡

Art by: @uroha_cq

Magenta Moon/KiMiKA

she/her | 20s | artist & vocalist

Hello! I'm Magenta Moon/KiMiKA! I'm an artist and aspiring vocalist from Thailand. I go by Magenta Moon when drawing and KiMiKA when singing! Other names I also go by are LizaKimika and リサ! Feel free to call me by any of my aliases~I watch all kinds of anime! Currently into IDOLiSH7, Love Live, Aikatsu, Macross and many more! >w<Languages I can speak:
English, Thai, Japanese
Commissions: Closed
Collabs/CBs: Friends only!

⟡ About My Works ⟡

(Applies to both my art & covers)
✦ Trace
✦ Repost
✦ Steal
✦ Edit
✦ Claim
✦ Use
✦ Heavily Reference
✦ No Proper Crediting (for commissions)
✦ NFTs
✦ Do Anything
If you see my works being used without credit and/or permission, please tell me!My only active socials are listed above so if you find me on other platforms (eg. TikTok), that is NOT me! Please contact me if you see someone impersonating me! ><;

You can find my merch store catalogue and commissions below!

For anyone curious, I have a site that gathers all my main original characters' info too!

⟡ My Persona ⟡

Tsukishiro Kimika

Female | Gothic Idol
18 y.o | 28th November | 160cm

⟡ Groups/CBs ⟡

⟡ FAQ ⟡

Q. What do you use to draw?
✦ Clip Studio Paint EX
⟡ Wacom Cintiq 16
✦ (Ocassionally) ibis Paint X/Procreate
Q. What do you use for video editing?
✦ VLLO (Paid version)
⟡ Adobe After Effects
✦ Adobe Premiere Pro
Q. What do you use for mixing?
✦ Melodyne
⟡ Adobe Audition

Q. Do you take drawing requests?
A. No, I only do commissions! You can check my commissions here!
Q. Do you allow anyone to use your OCs?
A. No, only my friends may use my OCs (to create stories together with their ocs for exmaple, not claim)!

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⟡ Persona Reference ⟡

I haven't had the time to update her appearance yet but please refer to this ref sheet for her new hairstyle! The other pictures on this page are in her old hairstyle!Old: Braids around her head
New: Side braids and the braids that used to go around her head is now just twirly/twisted hair
If confused, please ask!

This is just her default hairstyle! If it doesn't fit in with the clothes/the rest of the group, feel free to change her hairstyle!

⟡ From Chorus Battles ⟡

⟡ More Pictures ⟡

⟡ Persona Reference ⟡

⟡ Aikatsu Au ⟡




Back Story

Kimika attended Starlight Academy during her middle school years. She debuted as an idol as soon as she entered school but at the age of 15, just after she graduated middle school, she went on a hiatus mysteriously...She came back on stage after a year, as a student of another school, Crescent Academy. She is now in her third year of high school and one of the academy's top idols.


Ukyou Shuuya
Shūya is a model under the care of Kimika’s manager, Christina. As they both have the same manager, they have a lot of gigs together. He lives right below Kimika’s room in the school dorm. They are best friends and always help each other out. As Shūya had just started his career, Kimika is his senpai in Aikatsu even though he is older than her.

Tsurugi Kanade
Kimika's old friend from her middle school years. They met in Starlight Academy but drifted apart after Kimika decided to go on a hiatus. They met again in high school but in rival schools. They are still besties even now and always help each other out.

Key Outfits

Aikatsu Planet Avatar

More pictures

⟡ School ⟡

Crescent Academy

Crescent Academy is a private co-ed idol academy originally located in Tromsø, Norway. The academy offers middle school, high school, and university education in various departments. In recent years, the school has decided to expand its campus to Tokyo, Japan.

⟡ Brand ⟡

Roselia Requiem

Roselia’s Requiem is a private sexy and cool gothic brand that uses the sins of fallen angels as the theme. The brand’s image is a fallen angel atoning for her sins in an abandoned church.The brand uses quiet and elegant designs, coupled with dark colors, to show the melancholy of a fallen angel, like a requiem. Roses and crosses are used as the brand’s motif. Chains are commonly used in the brand’s coords to symbolize the forbidden things the fallen angel has done.